Bavaria is a Great Place to Golf

Bavaria is green.  Bavaria has the Alps in the south, the low mountain Bavarian Forest region to the east, and rolling hills over much of the state.  Bavaria has many river valleys, including the Danube and Inn, which help create fertile farmland.  50% of Bavaria is farm country, and 30% is covered by forests. Bavaria has a larger population than 39 European countries yet has only one city with over one million people.

Bavaria used to be a sovereign country, and has a famous royal history, thanks in part to King Ludwig II and his castles.  Did you know that Bavaria has over 600 surviving castles and palaces (including ruins)?  Bavaria has lots of industry and is a world-renowned technology center – home to BMW, Audi, Siemens and Infineon – but is also famous for its cultural traditions.  The traditional dress  Lederhosen and Dirndls are known the world over.  The world’s largest annual festival, the Oktoberfest, has been held for over 200 years.  The oldest breweries in the world are in Bavaria – but craft beer has also found its German roots here.

Bavaria is certainly a place of superlatives, but perhaps most of all, especially for you as a golfer, Bavaria is incredible landscape. So many courses here have a panoramic view of the Alps or over a picturesque village or pastoral farmland or even just a photogenic church steeple.  The last few years as a private tour director I have have taken note about what our guests say about Bavaria.  Number one on their list is how clean and organized it is here – ‘pristine’ is a word often uttered.  The underlying Bavarian mindset carries over to their golf courses, naturally – they are usually superbly manicured and impeccably maintained.  The golf courses in Bavaria are normally plush; fairways are lush and the greens receptive.

Our guests always remark on how pretty, how picturesque Bavaria is.  It is simply a beautiful county.  They also love the real, fresh food, Bavarian cuisine is definitely a hit with our visitors.  Lastly, people comment on how relaxed and laid back everything seems here.  Perhaps that is because of the strong economy, stable employment and low crime rates, but there is a certain talent the Bavarians have to shift gears and fully enjoy their down time.  This is evident in their love of nature and their beer garden culture.

Come visit Bavaria with us and we’ll show you the best of Bavarian history, culture and golf.