Hand Crafted Golf Tours

Our long tours are so designed to pack in a lot of sightseeing and a lot of golf, yet all at a comfortable pace.  The week starts off with an acclimation day and ends with a free day to organize an activity of your choice or just to relax before heading home.  Each tour has five days of cultural highlights and four rounds of golf; Wednesday is dedicated to the cultural theme of the week.  Having no golf planned for Wednesday and Saturday also gives us the flexibility to move the schedule around a bit in case of unfortunate weather.

We have organized our trips with a very comfortable pace and golfer-friendly schedules.  On most trips we stay in one hotel for the entire week, so there are no daily packing hassles.  We travel in spacious Mercedes or VW passenger vans.  All tours for 2013 are private tours, which means you get our undivided attention and service.  As they are private tours, everything can be customized.  We will work out the perfect trip for you and your group.

We have put these tours together after years of years of playing golf and guiding groups throughout Bavaria.  We have chosen courses that are beautiful and challenging but also user friendly, i.e. they welcome guests and have riding carts available for those with mobility issues (as a rule people walk the course in Germany).  We are blessed with many cultural and historical highlights in Bavaria, and fortunate that there are many wonderful and well maintained golf courses here, too.

Each long tour has a theme, so we have a tour to suit many different tastes.  The four tours for 2013 are listed below; more info on the choice of themes can be found here.

Bavarian Golf Tours is proud to offer comfortable week-long private tours that combine the best of culture and the best of golf.  We hope you come join us soon.  booking information can be found here.